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Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar atención personalizada en un ambiente cómodo y acogedor. Utilizamos los equipos más avanzados disponibles para proporcionar resultados seguros y naturales. Nuestra práctica se distingue por la excelente formación y antecedentes de nuestros cirujanos plásticos, médicos y enfermeras. Nuestro equipo de médicos tiene más de 50 años de experiencia combinada realizando cirugía cosmética facial, cutánea y corporal. Ofrecen procedimientos cosméticos de vanguardia y han desarrollado una serie de técnicas quirúrgicas innovadoras, incluyendo aumento de senos sin cicatrices, transferencia permanente de grasa y reconstrucción vaginal.

Meet Dr. Jayasinghe

El Dr. Jayasinghe ha dedicado los últimos 40 años a su pasión por la belleza y la perfección de la comunidad. Él trata a cada paciente con el máximo cuidado y compasión para ayudar a satisfacer sus necesidades para sentirse bella de nuevo.

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Hace poco decidí visitar al Dr. Jayasinghe y tener reconstrucción vaginal. Después de tener tres hijos, mi vagina sufrió mucho y no sentí confianza en mí misma. Estoy muy contenta con el procedimiento del Dr. Jayasinghe y ahora me siento muy confiada y ya no siento vergüenza. Estoy muy satisfecha con los resultados. Las enfermeras me cuidaron muy bien, respondieron a todas mis preguntas y preocupaciones con los procedimientos y la anestesia. Las enfermeras y el Dr. Jayasinghe fueron muy profesionales en la consulta y sala de operaciones. Recomiendo altamente el Dr. Jayasinghe y su clínica médica. Me siento bella y confiada una vez más. Gracias Dr. Jay, Vicky, Mary Ann, y todo el personal. Ustedes son los mejores!


Desde que empecé a venir aquí, el personal ha sido muy agradable, incluyendo la enfermera y el médico. Miré fijamente para venir para un tratamiento del Keloid y después conseguí la depilación del laser, que era lo que buscaba realmente. La única cosa era el retraso para conseguir una cita y era debido a la máquina. Aparte de eso, tuve una experiencia muy agradable.


Tuve la cirugía de Liposucción, y me gustó mucho cómo cambió mi cuerpo entero. Me siento mucho más hermosa que antes de mi cirugía, y recibo muchos cumplidos de la gente que me rodea. ¡Gracias!


Yo tengo mis senos aumentados y vagina reconstruida, y cambió mi vida! Me siento sexy de nuevo y fue la decisión más importante y mejor que he hecho. Gracias por hacer eso una realidad.


Para el Dr. Jay,
¡Gracias por cambiar mi vida! Nunca podré pagar la felicidad que me diste…



  • Service is good.

  • Professional and curious staff

    Mariana P.
  • The girls there are all super nice and helpful. Parking is the only bummer

    Elsie L.
  • Really nice, helpful, and professional staff. The facility is clean and organized–I would definitely recommend Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center.

    Charlotte B.
  • The staff were all very friendly and proffesional. The parking situation is awful however because thre’s no validation. I had to pay $6 to be in there for less then an hour. Also, the treatments aren’t able to be done all at once so it’s a little annoying to have to come down 12 times instead of 6, but I really liked the ladies there, they were sweet

    charis h.
  • I Love The Service!!!;) And The Doctor Was Soo Nice!!! Can’t wait To Go Back!!!

    Yesenia Z.
  • Great service

    yesenia n.
  • The only downfall to this facility is the parking which is $ 2.00 every 15 minutes and I ended up having to pay $15.00 the first time and they do not validate.

    Mary-Ann R.
  • Staff is very friendly and informative!

    Vanessa G.
  • Great service, very nice place!!!

    Janelly R.
  • Great customer service. Friendly staff. The treatments are really working 🙂

    Yolie M.
  • They are very professional and courteous and the facility is clean and nice.

    Katie B.
  • Great customer service!

    Stephanie A.
  • The girls where super nice

    Gloria A.
  • Great staff. I felt comfortable and informed. I believe in people not companies. These professionals are two thumbs up. I now look forward to a few more of the services they offer.

    Ingrid c.
  • They are very careful, professional and friendly. I am always taken on time.

    Renee S.
  • The staff was so friendly and informative and put me at ease.

    gabriella h.
  • You have to pay for $8 for parking. They should validate for their customers. And its hard to get an appointment, they seem to be booked up for months

  • Wasting my money, not loose an inch.

    Nhuan p.
  • I found it a bit strange to have a numbing agent handed to you and you were to apply it to yourself. I have never encountered that type of a no frills service. It was fine, however, it made it seem as if this was not a professional establishment.

    Hyacinth L.
  • The results may outwe(( the pain. No laser treatment here is painless.

  • Staff are nice

    Haziel B.
  • First of all I had to wait 1 month for an appointment. The day of my appt i arrived 1hr earlier than my appt time to fill out any paperwork and be ready for the technician on time. My appt was at 6pm, I wasn’t seen till 7pm. I asked the other peoe that were there waiting and they all said that they usually have to wait 1 hr to be seen past the appt time.

    Gonazales L.
  • The staff was nice and courteous. The job gets done fast.

    Manuel P.
  • Everyone was very nice! They answered all the questions I had with no hesitation. LOVED it!!

    Alissa C.
  • This was mymfirst time. I had my appointment on time, the clinic was very clean and the staff very professional.

    Miriam M.
  • good service!!!!

    rachel c.
  • Good service provided by the laser center….

    olga o.
  • The staff is very nice and friendly. The facilities is very clean.

    Tsui C.
  • Very clean and inviting atmosphere.

    Saray F.
  • I thought since they were local and the deal was good, I would get the groupon. When I arrived there, I overheard one of their customers say that the person that did her laser hair removal session did a good job and it did not hurt as much as the last time, when she did it with someone else. I have had laser hair removal before and it did not hurt at all. When I came to this place, it hurt so much it made me tear and I had to ask the nurse to turn it down. She turned it down, but it still hurt. I could not wait for my session to be over. I have a very high tolerance for pain, but this, I could not take.

    Bonnie J.
  • Super nice staff and relaxed atmosphere. Only issue is you have to pay for parking.

    Jessica E.
  • The staff is very friendly and pleasant to interact with. I was very nervous going in for laser hair removal, but they definitely help to make you feel at ease and comfortable. While the procedure is not painless, it is quick and worth it! My best advice, use the numbing cream 🙂

    Bri C.
  • the staff was pleasant. parking sucks : ( leave early if u r from the westside!!

    juli c.
  • The customer service was phenomenal, and they make you feel comfortable. The place itself is nice and highly recommend it.

    Joanna L.


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This was my first time. I had my appointment on time, the clinic was very clean and the staff very professional. Miriam M. You're very welcome to return, Miriam. #beauty #confidence #satisfaction

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"I Love The Service!!! ;) And The Doctor Was Soo Nice!!! Can’t wait To Go Back!!!" Yesenia Z. We can't wait to see you again, Yesenia. Thank you so much. #beauty #confidence #satisfaction


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